Amplifying the Employee Experience

The best employee experience is one that’s relevant, personalized, just-in-time, and powered by digital technologies.

Ensure the buy-in that delivers results and fosters a culture of learning by taking a look at our variety of on-demand resources.

If you’re looking to amplify the employee experience with your training programs, especially language training, do not miss out!

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    A Fireside Chat with learning industry legend Elliot Masie on the Future of Learning

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    Digital Upskilling that Enhances the Employee Experience

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    How Communication Enhances Employee Performance, Equity & Inclusion at a Global Level

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    Humanity in Learning as a Catalyst for Development

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    Going Global, Designing Local: Inclusive, Accessible, and Relevant L&D Programs

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    And more!

Preview Accelerate 2021 with Our Visionary Keynote

How goFLUENT Amplifies the Employee Experience

goFLUENT Founder & CEO Christophe Ferrandou sets the tone of the conference with his insights on providing a service, meaningful innovations, and elevating inclusivity. He shares his three-year strategic vision for goFLUENT to continue amplifying the employee experience by building their confidence, saving their time in learning, and growing their talent.

Christophe Ferrandou
Founder & CEO