Proficiency Test

Leverage the efficiency of adaptive AI technology to evaluate proficiency in the widest range of languages in as fast as 1 hour. 

Get precise results from AI-aided proficiency assessments that incorporate strong anti-cheating features.

Assess in the widest range of languages with results in 1 hour

Administer language proficiency tests for different languages without compromising speed. 

  • Evaluate speaking skills in 20 strategic languages.

  • Get the results in as fast as 1 hour.

Ensure precise, reliable language proficiency testing

For well-informed decisions on job placement and career development opportunities, language proficiency testing solutions should provide accurate evaluations.

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    Leverage adaptive AI technology to measure comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary with each question.

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    Administer a test that incorporates strong anti-cheating features.


Deploy a seamless and cost-effective language proficiency testing solution

Bring efficiency and ease in language skills evaluation.

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    Simplify assessment management and monitoring through a Client Admin Center.

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    Streamline your tasks by integrating our solution with your ATS.

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    Access timely and professional support anywhere you are.

Discover the full strength of the goFLUENT Language Assessment

goFLUENT Proficiency Test is best combined with our Speaking Assessment. With the full goFLUENT Language Assessment solution, you can begin transforming your organization’s talent acquisition and talent management strategies.

Seamless language assessment from test administration to decision-making


Candidate Portal

Candidates can easily take their assessments within the Candidate Portal.

Client Admin Center

HR can register candidates, deliver a straightforward and holistic language assessment, and get the results in as fast as 1 hour.

CEFR Certificate

Discover candidates’ overall language proficiency levels based on CEFR level and issue certificates of language proficiency.

Integrate goFLUENT Language Assessment into your ATS

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    A faster flow of work – Real-time results allow for a quicker assessment process.

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    Security – Guarantee the candidate’s identity and the authenticity of assessment results.

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    Scalability – Deploy large volumes of assessments and ensure a fast, accurate, and seamless leveling process.


Global organizations trust goFLUENT’s Language Assessment


Ready to level up your language assessment strategy?

Deliver a fast, accurate, scalable, seamless, and cost-effective solution for testing competence in strategic business languages. Find out how you can accurately evaluate speaking skills and more with the goFLUENT Language Assessment solution.