Individual Lessons

Create tailored opportunities for employees to enhance verbal communication through individual language lessons with professional language trainers.

Achieve language training goals and ensure learning continuity by combining self-paced learning and one-on-one virtual lessons on Language Academy.

Provide opportunities to build verbal communication skills

Develop your employees’ language confidence and skills with individual virtual language lessons. Offer maximum flexibility in booking lessons and ensure uninterrupted learning on Language Academy powered by virtual classroom technology.


Achieve language training goals with more learning continuity

Create structured learning through 30 to 90-minute Individual Lessons with trainers, blended with self-paced study from Language Academy. Reinforce self-study learning and progress by reviewing lessons with trainers.

Unlock effective speaking skills with the help of professional language trainers

Receive personalized and instant feedback from professional language trainers during or immediately after every lesson.

Unleash every employee’s potential through personalized coaching

Language Academy

Create a truly blended learning approach with self-paced learning and individual virtual language lessons accessible on goFLUENT’s eLearning platform.

Experienced Language Trainers

Maximize training impact and learn from trainers with an average of 5 years of goFLUENT teaching experience.


Deliver seamless access to language learning through Language Academy anytime, anywhere, on any device with LMS and LXP integrations.

Training Management

Track learners’ progress using real-time monitoring, automated reports, and professional support from a dedicated goFLUENT team.

Built to provide a holistic language learning experience

Complete your language training offering and tackle the four language skills with goFLUENT’s full solutions.
Discover how the hyper-personalized blend of content, technology, and human interaction in language learning unlocks the full potential of your organization.

Language Academy

Deploy AI language training across your organization

Group Lessons

Deliver seamless intra-company group language lessons

Conversation Classes

Participate in live conversation classes with learners worldwide

Writing Lessons

Unlock effective business writing in any language

Global organizations trust goFLUENT’s Individual Lessons

Launch a dedicated space for personalized, individual language learning

Enrich your employees’ communication skills with goFLUENT’s Individual Lessons. Contact us to discover how you can leverage trainer expertise and tailored, flexible lessons to ensure optimum training progress.