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Increase job and industry-relevant knowledge

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Improve intercultural communications

Build professional skills

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Elevate online language learning through our business-relevant content library

Explore the language library to discover fresh, authentic content relevant to your industry and interests. Gain access to 10,000+ regularly-updated articles, videos, and audio files including content from our partner publications.

Experience a personalized language training path through an AI-powered learning

Follow a Training Path based on language level, business skill, or industry. Through Emile, our artificial intelligence technology, the learner’s profile is matched with relevant content available on the eLearning portal for personalized language learning.

Promote diversity & inclusion with cross-cultural communication training

Have the confidence to connect and communicate effectively on a global scale through special courses such as:

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    Test Preparation

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    Accent Refinement

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    English for Native English Speakers

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    Cross-cultural Communication

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    Custom Content


Maximize online language learning on virtual classrooms with learner support

The Corporate Learning Academy is not only equipped with advanced technology, but also dedicated Learning Consultants to ensure learners receive support and assistance 24/7 for their language classes.

Measurable online language training impact

Discover an immersive corporate language training
that is uniquely designed for your professional needs

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Integrated Language Training Solutions

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Deliver online language training across your global organization

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Optimize training with individual virtual language lessons

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Unlock effective business writing in any language

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Connect employees worldwide through virtual group language lessons

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Enhance language skills in virtual conversation classes

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Blend face-to-face language training with your digital program