Language Academy

Unlock the full potential of your workforce through goFLUENT’s Language Academy, the most powerful language learning platform.

Expand your language learning access, improve your training strategy, and ensure employee development and business success.

Provide job-relevant language training

Access 13,000+ job-relevant and industry-specific resources or create your custom content for our language learning platform.

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    Deliver corporate language training for 14 in-demand languages.

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    Access learning resources for diverse professions, industries, and language needs, or customize your course content.

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    Discover content from globally recognized publications: Harvard Business Review, The New York Times, World of Business Ideas, and AFP.

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Create optimal language training experiences

Offer personalized language learning to more employees, democratize training for all, and facilitate seamless learning through LMS/LXP integrations.

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    Experience AI in eLearning with personalized learning paths, targeted skills development, and comprehensive training.

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    Deploy seamless access to language learning anytime, anywhere, on any device with integrations.

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    Ensure uninterrupted learning for goFLUENT trainer-led language classes powered by virtual classroom technology.

Achieve training KPIs and drive engagement 

Deploy a global training approach with dedicated local support from our team.

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    Work with experienced local Customer Success Managers to plan, deploy, and monitor your language program.

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    Guide learners with an engagement plan from Learning Consultants.

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    Get access to real-time monitoring of learner progress on top of regularly sent reports.

Online language training for the most in-demand languages

Access our language learning platform for training in the widest range of languages.

Comprehensive language learning content for all learner needs

Create maximum professional and business impact of the language training program through fresh and authentic course content on our language learning platform.

Language Essentials

Improve language fluency according to CEFR levels.

Professional Skills

Build business communication skills for the workplace.

Jobs & Industries

Increase your employees’ industry knowledge while building language skills.

Global Communication

Promote diversity and inclusion with cross-cultural communication training.

Trends & Interest

Gain confidence to participate in interest-specific discussions.

Custom Content

Customize your language training content based on your organizational needs.

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Enjoy seamless access to goFLUENT Language Academy with integrations

  • Find the best deployment approach for your training with SSO  and LMS-LXP integration capabilities.

  • Improve security and assure safe logins with users automatically signed in using their company email addresses.

  • Facilitate easy access to language training and kick-start learning productivity.

  • Simplify user management for HR with all accounts in one central location.

Built to provide a holistic language learning experience

Complete your language training offering and tackle the four language skills with goFLUENT’s full solutions.
Discover how the hyper-personalized blend of content, technology, and human interaction in language learning unlocks the full potential of your organization.

Group Lessons

Deliver seamless intra-company group language lessons

Individual Lessons

Experience a structured one-on-one learning program with professional trainers

Conversation Class

Participate in live conversation classes with learners worldwide

Writing Lessons

Unlock effective business writing in any language

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Learn what our global partners have to say
See the Language Academy in Action

Check out how Boehringer Ingelheim accomplished its global learning goals

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With the help of goFLUENT’s Language Academy, Boehringer Ingelheim effectively deployed a global language learning strategy across digital language learning on a global scale written and oral business communication skills.

Discover limitless language learning

Kick-start your organization’s language learning program development. Get in touch with our team and find out how goFLUENT’s Language Academy can help you deploy AI language training across your organization.