Foster academic success with goFLUENT’s hybrid language teaching and training solutions for the education industry


Fulfill your students’ need for immersive, tech-driven learning

Provide access to the goFLUENT Language Academy, where your students will find the latest digital content, interactive exercises, and AI-driven writing prompts to engage them as they improve reading, speaking, listening, and writing skills–enjoying the flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere.

Enable teachers to embrace hybrid language teaching with ease

Make it simple for teachers to adopt hybrid teaching while retaining control over their classes. With goFLUENT, customize courses, communicate objectives, and easily establish course completion deadlines. goFLUENT’s Client Admin Center enables teachers to streamline their tasks and reclaim time to concentrate on guiding students.

Offer comprehensive preparation for the TOEIC, Cambridge, and TOEFL exams

Ensure your students’ exam readiness and provide them with personalized support through goFLUENT’s Test Preparation Courses. Offer courses containing effective tips, strategies, and diverse practice materials to ace the TOEIC, Cambridge, and TOEFL exams. Provide a wide range of practice sessions tailored to different proficiency levels.

Ensure cost-effective hybrid multilingual education across your campus network

Leverage the full capabilities of goFLUENT’s Organization-wide License for your institution. Seamlessly implement hybrid multilingual teaching, standardize your language education, and meet the diverse language needs of your students. Guarantee the smooth implementation of your global language program with a dedicated Support Team.


Create a strong hybrid language training program for your school

Integrate your onsite language programs with goFLUENT’s digital solutions to offer top-notch multilingual education.


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Equip your teachers and students for the future of language education!