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Fireside Chat with Elliott Masie
on the Future of Learning

The pandemic extremely disrupted the learning industry. Employees are looking for organizations and companies where they think they will learn and develop more, both personally and professionally.


Humanity in Learning as a Catalyst
for Development

Simply providing learning resources to your learners doesn’t drive results, but offering these resources with humanity is magical. For Popular Inc., it’s crucial to engage employees with compassion, understanding, and respect. Interestingly, language training, in particular, requires humanity.

How Communication Enhances
Employee’s Performance, Equity
& Inclusion at a Global Level

Language is a key aspect in boosting business and employee performance globally. This gives equal opportunity for all employees to remain employable and adaptive to learning new languages.

Going Global, Designing Local:
Inclusive, Accessible, and
Relevant L&D Programs

Global organizations often face challenges such as implementing projects in different countries and territories, retaining and attracting talent, and maintaining the synergy between global and local teams.

Promoting Inclusion through a
Digital Upskilling Revolution

Strengthening employees’ digital skills has become a huge advantage in digital transformation and acceleration. As is promoting diversity and making sure that everyone feels involved in the company’s success.

Building Professional Skills and Improving
Personal Growth through
Language Training

In today’s business setting, learning languages and developing key skills to sustain that level of expertise require a motivating and supportive corporate culture. At Morgan, an employee’s learning journey greatly relies on 4 essential factors: Communication, global teamwork, personal development, and culture motivation.

Digital Upskilling that Enhances
the Employee Experience

The pandemic has triggered the massive use of technology. Instantly, organizations are forced to equip their employees with new sets of skills and competencies that can address today’s and future challenges as well. According to McKinsey & Company, 23 million jobs can be displaced by automation by 2030.

Transforming HR and Learning to Address
a New Employment Strategy

As there is a big shift in Japanese employment attitudes, transforming HR practices and learning should be the primary goal which experts should focus on. That’s how Valeo addresses the current culture of learning through LMS and English language training to boost employee engagement.