Group Lessons

Connect employees worldwide through virtual group language lessons

Interactive real-world atmosphere

Industry, business, and job-specific content

Structured and adaptable course curriculum

Hassle-free integrated learning for group language classes

Access Group Lessons right on Emile, goFLUENT’s hyper-personalized eLearning portal which can be integrated into your LMS or LXP.

With Microsoft Teams video conferencing and the whiteboard embedded in the portal, you can quickly and seamlessly attend virtual language classes, access learning materials, and get support from a Learning Consultant.

Well-structured language curriculum
customized for the group

With a 90-minute class and 60 minutes of eLearning self-study per week for 14± weeks, master the key phrases relevant to the course topic and group level, as well as complementary grammar, meaningful vocabulary, and industry or field-specific language for more accurate and confident real-world interactions.

Interactive and collaborative lesson experience on a virtual classroom

Trainers prioritize relevant practice and application for the learners based on the course, group context, and individual roles.

Just like in real-life work situations, interact in a dynamic environment using Microsoft Teams video conferencing, instant messaging, and the whiteboard.

Develop real-world, group-relevant language skills.

Group Lessons Course Catalog

business english essentials

Business English Essentials

Develop the ability to communicate with ease in a professional setting. Confidently apply a range of language and expressions relevant to your group context, level, and individual roles.

Course Level: Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced English


Presentations: Adapting your presentation style to suit your audience

Give effective professional presentations in English by learning to confidently apply a range of language and expressions for presenting, persuading, instructing and recommending.

Course Level: Intermediate English


Meetings: Facilitate and conduct effective meetings

Speak with greater precision and confidence using English to facilitate meetings, provide and respond to feedback, share experiences, brainstorm, and motivate individuals and teams.

Course Level: Intermediate English


Negotiations: Negotiating so that everyone feels like a winner

Improve your professional English for win-win negotiations. Confidently apply a range of language and expressions for handling challenging counterparts and issues for a variety of negotiation phases.

Course Level: Upper-Intermediate English

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