Conversation Classes

Enhance speaking skills in virtual
conversation classes

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Fast track the improvement of speaking skills through social learning

Improve the speaking skills of your employees for casual and professional settings through an online language course for learners from different companies led by a goFLUENT language training expert.

Provide flexible schedules for instructor-led online conversation classes

Inject language learning into the busy schedule of employees by offering hourly virtual conversation classes accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device through goFLUENT’s eLearning platform Corporate Language Academy.

Create an interactive learning space in virtual classrooms

Leverage training content from Corporate Language Academy for an interactive virtual classroom experience and increase learner engagement with cutting-edge communication tools for online class participation.

Virtual conversation classes on the most in-demand business languages

Upskill your employees in strategic business languages through a small group conversation class
with global learners moderate by goFLUENT in-house language trainers

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Integrated Language Training Solutions

Deliver online language
training across your
global organization

Optimize training with individual
virtual language lessons

Unlock effective business
writing in any language

Connect employees worldwide
through virtual group
language lessons

Enhance language skills
in virtual conversation classes

Deliver blended language
training with on-site
goFLUENT trainers

Deploy personalized and scalable solutions for corporate language training

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Enhance language skills in virtual conversation classes with
goFLUENT conversation Classes

Facilitate your employee’s conversation skills and language confidence growth
in instructor-led online conversation classes!