Drive engagement and ensure language learning impact with goFLUENT’s corporate English training

Global corporate English training is now more relevant and accessible. By combining massive business English training content, AI-powered eLearning, and instructor-led classes with certified language trainers, we create a personalized training program that:

Business English training content for everyone

Explore massive business-relevant content for every need. Find the best content to upskill your employees in using English language for professional settings.

Language Essentials

Improve English language fluency according to CEFR levels

Professional Skills

Build business communication skills for the workplace

Jobs & Industries

Increase your employees’ job and industry knowledge while building English language skills

Global Communication

Bridge communication gap and speak English as a common language in a multicultural setting

Trends & Interests

Gain the confidence to participate in interest-specific discussions

AI-powered solution for personalized online language training anytime, anywhere

Transform how you deliver your online language training with an AI-powered eLearning platform that personalizes the learning experience and brings business English training wherever your employees are.

Instructor-led English training with professional language trainers

Tackle specific communication skills in classes facilitated by certified language trainers. With business English trainers that are also industry professionals from different fields, English training is made workplace and job-relevant.

Individual Lessons

Optimize English training with individual virtual language lessons

Writing Lessons

Unlock effective business English writing

Group Lessons

Connect employees worldwide through virtual English group lessons

Conversation Classes

Enhance speaking skills in virtual conversation classes


Deliver blended language training with on-site goFLUENT trainers

Comprehensive assessment and feedback based on global standards

Monitor and support your employees’ English skills progress through an objective assessment system that uses specific proficiency level descriptors for language comprehension & usage, speaking skills, and writing skills based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Drive engagement and measure language learning impact with goFLUENT’s corporate English training

Find our how we combine massive business English training content, AI-powered elearning, and instructor-led classes with certified language trainers to build a global workforce!