Streamline goFLUENT authentication process through Single Sign-On (SSO) with Keycloak

goFLUENT’s SSO integration services with Keycloak allow you to deploy seamless access to language training for your organization.

Efficient access

Simplify logins and encourage productivity. Streamline logins to meet employees where they are, on any device throughout their day.

Enhanced security

Improve security and assure fast, easy, and safe access to training.

Streamlined administration

Cut down on administrative tasks through simplified user management. Control who has access to goFLUENT in your Keycloak instance, and manage user accounts in one central location.

Efficient access dingtalk gofluent

Prioritize safety, security, and simplicity—result in more productivity

Implement SSO integration and facilitate a better user experience for all.
Free up your teams to be more productive by: 

  • Enabling employees to access learning within a secure network with only one set of credentials

  • Reducing administrative time through streamlined user management

  • Minimizing security risks

SSO ensures easy and safe logins, allowing learners to
access training from anywhere, on any device.

Leverage language training with Keycloak SSO integration

Empower your organization and ensure global competitiveness with goFLUENT integrated language training solutions. Discover how to make the most out of language training integrations through Keycloak SSO.

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