Language Assessment

Uncover global talent with language
assessment for business

Web App

Simplify language assessment for business

Whether you need language proficiency evaluation
for promotions or for hiring, find the best candidate for
the job with a reliable language testing solution.


Straightforward test administration
and management


Constructive results for 30 minutes
of your candidate’s time


Precisely identify your most
qualified candidates

Accurately assess language
skills for promotions
and recruitment

Administer online tests efficiently

With functional and practical features, online tests are hassle-free. Administer tests to candidates with ease through a language assessment platform that is accessible on any device and features a simple and intuitive user interface.

Plus, automatically send testing reminders and conveniently receive reports right in your inbox once the assessment tests are taken.

Conduct accurate & unbiased testing

Tighten anti-cheating measures with timed placement and speaking tests that employ structured questions.

Enable objective testing with a language assessment tool that utilizes adaptive assessment technology and real feedback from an examiner.

Evaluate using global
standard levels

Appraise candidates with assessment results based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), a standard framework for language abilities used worldwide.

Receive constructive results

Tackle professional language skills evaluation beyond test scores. Strengthen language proficiency assessment with a consolidated report that pinpoints language strengths and weaknesses for better justification.

Deliver language assessment that protects your data

From privacy policy to data protection, every aspect of the business language training service is compliant with international data security standards and regulations.

Streamline recruitment and promotion processes with language assessment for business

Uncover global talent with goFLUENT language assessment

With a reliable business language testing solution, accurately assess language skills for
promotions and recruitment.

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