goFLUENT Language Assessment

is the language assessment tool for recruitment and promotions that delivers scalable, seamless, quick, accurate, and cost-effective tests for strategic business languages.

Receive accurate and unbiased results through
human scoring, adaptive AI, and solid anti-cheating measures

Our language assessment for business uncovers abilities critical for work interactions and everyday transactions.

Unbiased human assessors

evaluate speaking accuracy, fluency, and range based on CEFR standards.

Adaptive AI technology

ensures objectivity as it measures comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary with each question.

Anti-cheating measures

are in place to ensure that each assessment is unique, secure, fair, and generates correct results.

Save time through seamless integration with your Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

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    Quickly assign assessments to eligible candidates

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    Review results right on your ATS dashboard

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    Streamline your communications and boost your efficiency

Applicant Tracking System Overview

Simple and satisfying, from testing to decision-making

Candidate Portal

This portal is easy to use and is available in 15+ display languages. 

Candidates can finish the proficiency test and the spoken language assessment in 50 minutes, at their convenience, within a given timeframe.

Client Admin Center

Register candidates, deliver a straightforward and holistic language training assessment, and see results in as fast as 6 hours.

CEFR Leveling

Discover their overall language proficiency levels based on CEFR standards. You can quickly determine who moves forward in the hiring process.

Get local support from a global team

We have specialized teams in place to ensure scalable and secure implementation from start to finish.

Local support from global team

Assessment Consultants and Customer Success Managers

They provide assistance and facilitate assessment strategies for the best experience.

Skilled Assessors

We have 600 assessors all over the world, available 24/7, and efficiently handling thousands of assessments per day.

Our clients love our business language testing services

We are reliable, supportive, and skilled. They can tell.

Achieve better communication and productivity with an advanced language assessment for business

Find the best multilingual global talent with a language assessment for hiring and promotions that delivers great impact.

Assess your candidates for English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, and other key business languages.

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