Language Training for Frontline & Deskless Development


Unlock the full potential of every non-native speaker in your workforce with language training for frontline & deskless development


Attract, retain and grow frontline talent

In today’s hyper-competitive economy, employers who invest in education and skilling opportunities for their frontline workforce attract and retain the best talent. For non-native English speakers, which can comprise between 20-50% or more of the workforce, communication challenges can pose a formidable obstacle on their career path.

Employers that invest in language skills training experience higher quality applicants, better retention, faster promotions, increased adoption of other educational programs, and measurable positive ROI.

Break cultural and communication barriers

Improve workforce collaboration and effectiveness by enabling the non-native speakers in your workforce with the opportunity to accelerate their skills in the language of daily life and work. Boost their confidence to communicate, collaborate, and grow with your organization and in their community.


Meaningfully improve lives and livelihood

Bridge the communication gap and open doors to career progression with a language training program designed for frontline & deskless development. Programs that not only improve language but do so in the context of life skills such as improving digital skills, prioritizing tasks, managing time, collaborating with others, and even managing money.

Successful programs put the learner at the center of the experience, immerse the learner with interesting and relevant lessons, and provide the necessary mentoring to ensure fast progression and successful outcomes.

The leading language training solution designed specifically for frontline & deskless development

Frontline workers trying to learn English face unique challenges, ranging from digital literacy, shift variability, and effective support systems. With more than two decades of expertise, goFLUENT provides comprehensive, scalable language training solutions that align with your business objectives and budget to deliver measurable outcomes in as little as 3 months. goFLUENT employs a four-pronged approach built around the needs of each individual learner:


Individual Lessons

Flexible, individualized virtual language lessons with our live instructors accelerate the learning


Group Lessons

Interactive, small group virtual practice sessions led by a live goFLUENT instructor reinforce the learning


Mobile-first Platform

Modern, digital platform with lessons tailored to your industry underpin the learning


Mentored Support

Live goFLUENT learning consultants working with each learner ensure successful, measurable outcomes personalized live support and communication plans

Find out how you can value your key talent in the workforce with goFLUENT language training!

Let’s talk about how you can support your workforce in finding their voice in business and in life with a language course that can harness the true potential of first-generation workers on the frontline.


Strengthen your language training strategy for frontline & deskless development

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