Humanity in Learning as a Catalyst for Development

Simply providing learning resources to your learners doesn’t drive results, but offering these resources with humanity is magical. For Popular Inc., it’s crucial to engage employees with compassion, understanding, and respect. Interestingly, language training, in particular, requires humanity.

How Popular Leverages goFLUENT as a Catalyst for Learning & Development

Discover the award-winning approach to
language training that reduced skill gaps
by 42% within 6 months

Victoria Thorpe

Corporate Learning Strategy
Supervisor Popular, INC.

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Amplifying the Employee Experience through Empathy

How does Popular, one of the leading North American banks, accelerate their employees’
professional development with humanity and empathy?

Offering language learning to amplify communication proficiency, confidence, and collaboration delivers real outcomes. Service quality and enjoying communication are foremost, as Popular demonstrates.

Popular’s empathy-centric approach to language training resulted in a:

1.1 average increase

in proficiency level within 6 months

30% higher

than their self-study only group

This is exactly why Popular, Inc.’s human, innovative, and budget-smart approach won them a Gold at the 2022 Brandon Hall Technology Awards.
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