Writing Lessons

Complete your language training program with a writing solution that provides fast, relevant, and personalized feedback. 

Give learners immediate and comprehensive action points to improve their writing skills with the help of goFLUENT Writing Lessons powered by goFLUENT AI.

Deliver a writing solution for your language program

Round out your language learning approach by incorporating an interactive virtual writing solution. Target written communication skills with practice writing for key business languages.


Accelerate improvement with real-time feedback

Ensure learning continuity with immediate evaluation after every written submission. Improve writing quickly and effortlessly with no delays.

Enhance writing proficiency with personalized, relevant feedback

Receive targeted assessment according to the learner’s proficiency level, needs, and goals. Get comprehensive guidance and explanations on suggested revisions.

Instant writing insights for every learning level

Accessible Platform

Access the virtual writing solution and input writing submissions on Language Academy, goFLUENT’s eLearning Platform.

Interactive Writing Lab

Take on writing exercises and sustain progress with weekly submissions and different writing prompts to choose from.

Individualized Learning

Experience guided and customized evaluations that match every learner’s unique proficiency levels and writing goals.

Writing Lessons Report

Refine writing outputs with on-the-spot full analysis from goFLUENT AI, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement.

Built to provide a holistic language learning experience

Complete your language training offering and tackle the four language skills with goFLUENT’s full solutions.
Discover how the hyper-personalized blend of content, technology, and human interaction in language learning unlocks the full potential of your organization.

Language Academy

Deploy AI language training across your organization

Group Lessons

Deliver seamless intra-company group language lessons

Individual Lessons

Experience a structured one-on-one learning program with professional trainers

Conversation Class

Participate in live conversation classes with learners worldwide

Global organizations trust goFLUENT’s Writing Lessons

Fast-track writing proficiency and language learning

Deliver a fast, personalized virtual writing solution and unlock effective writing in any language.
Reach out to us and discover how you can elevate written communication for your organization with goFLUENT’s Writing Lessons.