goFLUENT is your military’s language training solution

Invest in becoming STANAG SLP exam ready

Access military-relevant language training content anytime, anywhere

Learners can freely access military-relevant language training content and securely take personalized lessons on military language skills from any country at any time.

Invest in becoming STANAG SLP exam ready

Learners will be STANAG 6001 SLP exam prepared across the main interoperability requirements: listening, speaking, writing, and reading with access to 10,000+ regularly updated articles, videos, and audio files including content from our partner publications and custom military language learning content.

Empower digital learning and optimize your budget

goFLUENT offers you a solution aligned to your military´s values. Combine face-to-face language training with your digital program for a comprehensive approach. Streamline military language learning for all of your employees with a secure and cost efficient Organization-wide License.

Experience hyper-personalized blended learning

Adopt a truly blended learning approach for your military with our Language Academy and trainers around the world.   

Blended language learning integrates innovative methods to traditional classroom training for a highly advanced digitalized approach for your military.

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Achieve top-notch results with goFLUENT´s military language training

Achieve better communication for your military both internally and externally by providing unlimited opportunities to advance listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills any time, anywhere.

With the help of dedicated Learning Consultants, learners are guided through a tailor-made engagement plan. Customer Success Managers are trained to create the best personalized solutions, set KPIs, evaluate progress, and implement training improvements based on reporting insights.

Prepare and achieve optimum success on SLP testing

SLP testing is based on listening, speaking, and writing. goFLUENT has it all!

Discover how you can transform your military´s language training strategy with goFLUENT!

Experience a great impact with military language training that delivers real results.

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