Language Training for Non-native Speakers on the Frontline of your Workforce

Unlock the full potential of your first-generation frontline workforce by providing a purpose-built adult language program that changes lives

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Transform lives with corporate language
training for frontline workforces

Attract and retain talent amid labor shortages

First-generation workers on the frontline are becoming key to addressing labor shortages, but many struggle with achieving economic security due to basic communication barriers. Attract and engage them by investing in their personal and career development and future employability through language and communication skills training.

Break cultural and communication barriers

Improve workforce collaboration and effectiveness by enabling the non-native speakers in your workforce the opportunity to accelerate their skills in the language of daily life and work. Boost their confidence to communicate, collaborate, and grow with your organization and in their community.

Meaningfully improve lives and livelihood

Bridge the communication gap and open doors to career progression with a language program designed specifically for first-generation frontline and non-desk employees. Programs that not only improve language but do so in the context of life skills such as managing money, prioritizing tasks, and managing time. Open access to training resources and aid them in taking the first step toward the future.

Offer every worker at every level an
equal voice with goFLUENT language training

Build a language training program that addresses the unique needs of
first-generation frontline workers. goFLUENT helps you design and deploy corporate
language training that creates real advancement opportunities for your workforce.

Optimize language training
with individual virtual
language lessons

Connect employees worldwide
through virtual group lessons
with other learners at their level

Deliver online language
training across your global

Drive engagement with
personalized live support and
communication plans



“Our employees have improved their ability to listen and confidently express themselves in English, thanks to the personalized training provided by goFLUENT and the wide range of content available on the platform.”

Elena Alvaro Sanchez

HRIS Manager, Thales España


“The goFLUENT training program is a high-quality solution to our problem. I can’t help but notice the exceptional quality, relevance, and practical application of all learning resources, regardless of the level. And, of course, an individualized program with clear goals. A significant reduction in training costs indeed.”

Veronika Arkhipova

Training-Manager, Zepplin

“I usually have a lot of English meetings. After learning on goFLUENT, I’ve gained new vocabulary and learned various business topics. I am now able to communicate more fluently in meetings, including listening and speaking. goFLUENT learning platform is flexible in time, and rich in resources, so I can use the fragmented time to learn.”

eBay Learner

Find out how you can value your key talent in the workforce with goFLUENT language training!

Let’s talk about how you can support your workforce in finding their voice in business and in life with a language course that can harness the true potential of first-generation workers on the frontline.


Strengthen your language training strategy for immigrant workers on the frontline