Moving Face-to-Face Training Online

Transition from in-person to digital learning to facilitate training at scale, increase engagement and make the most out of your budget!

Deep dive into our on-demand content to learn why you should make the switch and how to do it.



Take it from the experts!
We’ve brought together the greatest thinkers in corporate learning (including Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst and Dean of the Josh Bersin Academy) to share why there’s no going back to in-person training, and their vision for what lies ahead.

In these webinars, you’ll get the best insights on:

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    How to effectively approach learning, capabilities and skills going forward

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    How to replace F2F for good and maximize digital learning in the workplace

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    What the future of L&D and learning technology be like



Why is online learning better than in-person training?

There’s no doubt that face-to-face learning has a lot of great aspects. But digital can take the very best of face-to-face training and do it better.

Discover the key differences of face-to-face learning and digital learning in our infographic.


Digital is the future of work and learning!

As the ‘new learning era’ dawned on every organization in 2020 — and will continue to do so in 2021 and beyond — many HR and talent leaders are saying goodbye to their traditional classroom learning set-ups and saying hello to the digital learning experience.

Learn why L&D professionals are making the move towards online learning in this blog.

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Step-by-step guide to making the switch to digital: Achieve digital transformation by reading through our comprehensive guide on how to make a smooth and successful switch to digital learning

What’s in this eBook?

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    5 ways on how to achieve personalization in digital learning

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    6 concrete digital learning metrics you can easily measure

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    Tips on how to ‘market’ your digital learning program

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    And many more!

NEW SIZE 422x221_Virtual language classes made more interactive through goFLUENT’s Group Lessons
Virtual language classes made more interactive through goFLUENT’S Group Lessons
NEW SIZE 422x221_goFLUENT unveils its Full Classroom Training Experience, simulating F2F language learning virtually
goFLUENT unveils its Full Classroom Training Experience, simulating F2F language learning virtually
NEW SIZE_Introducing Emile goFLUENT’s Most Powerful Innovation Yet
Emile is here! – goFLUENT’s most powerful innovation yet