Introducing Emile: goFLUENT’s Most Powerful Innovation Yet

Language is the single most important global skill for individuals to reach their potential and organizations to grow their talent. Explore goFLUENT’s new portal Emile and discover how it accelerates language learning at scale.

Discover why Human Resource Executive awarded Emile as Top HR Product of the Year 2020

Join goFLUENT Founder & CEO Christophe Ferrandou, goFLUENT President & former Head of Strategy at Skillsoft John Ambrose, and Customer Success Manager Emma Bartlett, as they share insights and observations on enterprise language learning, and present goFLUENT’s latest innovation Emile.

Your key takeaways:

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    Preparing for the war on global talent in the next decade

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    Discover how other L&D leaders and teams are responding to today’s most pressing disruption

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    How to accelerate language learning further with Emile

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