Global Communication Training

Promote diversity and inclusion with
cross-cultural communication training

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Bridge communication gap and speak English
as a common language in a multicultural setting

English for Native English Speakers

Relearn English for an international audience. Specially designed for American English and British English speakers, the International English courses cover topics such as

Best practices for controlling rate of speech when presenting to global audiences

Clarification strategies

Simplifying sentences structure and vocabulary

Avoiding abstract language

Accent Refinement

Foster collaboration in an international workplace with a global communication course for accent training.

With business-relevant language training content, improve speech and communication approach to clearly and effectively deliver messages in a professional setting.

Cultural Awareness and Inclusion

Transform your organization and promote workplace diversity and inclusion through cross-cultural communication training.

Gain negotiation, presentation, discussion, and leadership know-how for culturally-diverse teams highlighting:

Global Business Essentials

Working in Diverse Teams

Diversity and Inclusion

Test Preparation

Develop global talent with knowledge and skills to ace English
proficiency exams and certifications. Each language course
is designed to improve fluency in English for reading, writing,
listening, and speaking skills assessment.

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC)

Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE)

Cambridge English: Business Certificates (BEC)

Cambridge English: First Certificate in English (FCE)

Custom content

Build a special global communication training course tailor-fit to your organization’s business goals and language training needs.

Create unique industry-specific and job-related language training for employees by combining goFLUENT’s language training content and your company’s materials.

Combine language fluency and business communication
skills through global communication training

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Deliver online language
training across your
global organization

Optimize training with individual
virtual language lessons

Unlock effective business
writing in any language

Connect employees worldwide
through virtual group
language lessons

Enhance language skills
in virtual conversation classes

Deliver blended language
training with on-site
goFLUENT trainers