Develop right capabilities with customized training programs for a better corporate learning strategy


1981: British multinational enterprise software company


11,785: Employees (as of 2021)


2019: goFLUENT Program Activition

English enables us to communicate, to collaborate, and share ideas to reach great success for our customers and our colleagues in Sage. goFLUENT is providing an agile learning solution which is tailored to our colleagues. From implementing goFLUENT’s solution, we have seen some great results and development in business-specific skills for their great success in our global company.

Dominique Voy
Capability Lead


Guided by one of their strategic pillar which is “Colleague Success”, HR develops the right capabilities in its employees. Part of the many initiatives, Sage France launched goFLUENT as their global language training program that unifies everyone in effective communication through the company’s common goals, processes and tools. Through its Emile technology, the learner’s industry and interests are matched with relevant business content available on the eLearning portal for a hyper-personalized language learning path uniquely designed for professional needs.


For the Learner:

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    Self-paced and accessible from any device

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    More comfortable and confident to contribute in meetings

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    Accent reduction through coaching session

For HR Operations:

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    Achieves HR development goals faster

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    Easier to promote unity in a diverse workforce

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    Easier monitoring throught HR Portal