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Unlocking Upskilling at Scale: L&D in the Age of Telecommuting

In today’s distance economy, upskilling and reskilling are keys for organizations to address emerging skills gaps and thrive. Unlock your company’s full potential through designing an efficient digital upskilling strategy in 6 actionable steps.

How To Plan for L&D Programs that Make an Impact and Gain Recognition

Today’s technology enables organizations to easily capture tons of training data and information which when put to good use, provides you with significant insights to understand the gaps in your training programs.

How is COVID-19 Transforming L&D?

Gain insights from L&D leaders, and HR professionals about how COVID-19 has changed the way they deliver training, allocate budget, and prioritize to ensure continuous learning in the workplace.

From F2F to Digital Learning:
A Comprehensive Guide to Making
‘The Switch’

In the era of the 4th Industrial revolution,
it’s important to ask – is your organization
capable of training its employees remotely?
Here’s a guide for your successful ‘switch’
from F2F to digital learning.

The ROI of training:
Strategies and evaluation methods

The true goal of training evaluation
is to determine the business impact and return
on investment (ROI). With the relevant data,
executives can be guided on future
business decisions in relation to training
investments, cost reduction, and process

How to Implement Mobile Learning
in Global Organizations

With more smartphones being sold every
three months than computers, mobile
learning is not only growing in popularity
but it’s beginning to overtake other forms
of eLearning as the most popular
technology-delivered learning mechanism.

How Training Needs Analysis Paves
the Way for Successful Deployment

Choosing to invest in training is a critical
corporate decision that must be
undertaken carefully. Before selecting a
training provider, an organization must
undergo a thorough training needs

Learning & Development
Priorities Guidebook

Learning and Development is a critical
talent management strategy for any
competitive organization, but there many
challenges to designing a comprehensive
L&D plan that will result in a valuable return on investment.