Learn how reskilling and upskilling can greatly aid in making your employees stand out globally

Language is a key aspect in boosting business and employee performance globally. This gives equal opportunity for all employees to remain employable and adaptive to learning new languages. Legrand and Lilly adapted to this new mindset by making their employees aware of their own skills and by embracing a culture of self-learning.

As every individual has different ways to be and keep motivated, it is vital for employees to belong in a working environment that develops learning styles customized to each person.


Fernando Lanzaco
Global Leadership Development

Corinne Hanisch Ribeiro
Group Training & Development

Here, you will gain more insights on how to:


Leverage effective communication through language training


Embrace a self-learning culture for employees and dedicating time to learning


Motivate employees to be willing to learn and make them understand the connection between communication skills, execution, and performance


And many more!

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