Learner Support

Personalized live support and communication plans that drive engagement

Web App


Maximize your language training program with flexible and proactive guidance from dedicated
Learning Consultants


Boost consumption with an engaging integrated communications plan that’s customized for your learners


Motivate learners by promoting employee achievement and recognition through certifications

Learning Consultants: Guiding learners
towards language learning success

LCs ensure language training is tailored to learners’
individual needs and goals
They provide flexible support 24/7
They proactively coach learners on how to
leverage their language skills
Each learner is assigned a dedicated learning
consultants to assist them at every step of their language training program

Engagement campaigns that motivate
learners throughout their language learning journey

Increase training consumption through engaging
and customized multimedia communications
Discover a variety of multimedia options including
emails, videos, webinars, quickstart guides and more
Easily launch global campaigns to inform learners
on the latest language learning content and opportunities

Language learning certificates that
motivate learners and foster a
culture of learning

Promote a culture of learning within your
organization by recognizing achievements
Boost motivation with tangible recognition
learners can show off on display