Presenting goFLUENT Originals, Diversity and Inclusion course, and other new content

November 09, 2021

goFLUENT has added essential language training courses and content to its wide library of resources in its Corporate Language Academy to aid professionals globally in maintaining language confidence and achieving efficient communication with international colleagues, clients, and stakeholders. The latest content update includes the newest goFLUENT Originals, Diversity and Inclusion course to aid learners communicate well in a multicultural work environment, and other business-focused language training assets which are industry-specific.

Only on goFLUENT: In-House Microlearning Content

Introducing its own bite-sized videos featuring a diverse cast of language trainers teaching short English lessons, goFLUENT releases goFLUENT Originals. Each lesson is composed of microlearning English lessons focused on various social and business contexts which are taught in an engaging and conversational manner.

“With goFLUENT Originals, we want learners to get quick tips from real people about real communication challenges they face at work or in daily situations. Language learning content should be relevant, easily applicable, and motivating,” said Jem Aboy, goFLUENT’s Head of Content Department.

English language trainers around the world showcasing their different personalities, perspectives, and teaching styles are featured in each video, adding a special twist to language learning for professionals. The short instructional videos are expected to be more intimate and interactive than a typical classroom lesson or a plain text on a screen because of the unique ways each instructor presents their lessons.

Compared to the other videos within goFLUENT’s language training portal, goFLUENT Originals are aimed to catch the attention of learners and pique their interest more in using English in daily conversations and interactions with peers, colleagues, and other stakeholders. The bite-sized language lessons aim to engage busy adult learners and motivate them in language training in different entertaining yet very relevant ways.

Organizations which seek to improve its workforce’s language skills can increase the relevance of language training and boost learner engagement which can be achieved through the microlearning resources that goFLUENT Originals offer to busy adult learners who need to learn in their own points of need to solve specific challenges at work.

Users can already access the videos through the Corporate Language Academy, with fresh goFLUENT Originals releases monthly.

An Equal Voice for Everyone: D&I Course

The Diversity and Inclusion course provides a new set of activities which can teach learners how to communicate in a diverse work culture and environment. This includes a lesson on using inclusive language, among others.

In this course, learners will be able to learn:

  • How to use gender-neutral language in business communication

  • How to write for a global workforce

  • How interruptions can make meetings more inclusive

  • And many more!

The activities within the course can help professionals deal with diverse colleagues, be sensitive to cultural differences, and be wary of their unconscious bias. For the meantime, the Diversity and Inclusion course is only available via homework assigned to learners by their language trainers and learning consultants. The course will be released on Browse and the Homepage soon.

English For Work: Project Management and Procurement Operations

With English being the language of business especially in global organizations, goFLUENT has released 2 new job and industry-specific English learning courses — English for Project Management and English for Procurement Operations.

The English for Project Management covers topics such as how to participate in a brainstorming session, how to present a project status report, how to make projections, and other similar subjects. The course can help business professionals handle their projects more efficiently and achieve smooth business communication and operations using English.

The English for Procurement Operations course touches upon topics such as how to write a request for proposal, how to respond to product offers, how to negotiate win-win deals, and many more.

Both English language courses are already available within the Corporate Language Academy, and they can be accessed on demand, whenever and wherever the learner may be using both desktop and mobile devices.

Richer Learning Content in CLA

Aside from major language learning courses, goFLUENT has released new and essential courses for learners studying German. Deutsch B2: Kurs 2 and Deutsch C1: Kurs 1 are now available in the Corporate Language Academy through choosing German as the learning language. The courses feature lessons in the German language which are business intensive and in different professional situations.

Other content and courses that learners can expect in the coming months are:

  • New Professional Skills Courses

    • Speaking with Confidence
    • Encouraging Creativity and Innovation
    • Handling Difficult Conversations
  • Test Preparation for BEC, TOEFL, and DCL (for French Test Preparation)

  • More General Conversation Courses for French and Spanish

  • More Professional Skills Courses for German

    • Geschäftskorrespondenz (Business Writing)
    • Präsentationen (Presentations)
    • Deutsch für Führungskräfte (German for Managers)
  • Jobs & Industries Courses for Spanish

    • Español para energía (Energy)
    • Español para tecnología (Technology)
    • Español para ventas y marketing (Sales and Marketing)
  • TOEIC Practice Courses

  • More Quizzes for General English Courses

Current learners can already access the new courses and content through goFLUENT’s Corporate Language Academy .

About goFLUENT

goFLUENT is the world’s leading blended learning solution provider for acquiring and refining communication skills in strategic business languages such as English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin, Portuguese, and Spanish. Dedicated to diversity & inclusion, talent development, and employee retention, our global mission is to provide all employees with an equal voice to reach their full potential, regardless of their native tongue.

We accelerate language learning by delivering hyper-personalized solutions that blend technology, content, and human interaction, available globally on any device. We integrate with all major LMSs and LXPs, and have partnerships with major providers including Degreed, Cornerstone, Skillsoft, SumTotal, and CrossKnowledge, among others.

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