What zone should I be in?

Comfort Zone – the zone where you’re too comfortable to take any risks, new tasks or challenges.

Stretch Zone – optimal zone for learning because it’s neither too easy nor too difficult— it’s just right.

Panic Zone –Being in this zone hinders your learning because you tend to have a lot of fears when it comes to learning a new lesson or doing a challenging activity.
Make sure you’re always in the stretch zone. The stretch zone is the area where you feel the right amount of challenge without getting anxious about what you do. Remember that learning starts when you’re not too afraid to commit mistakes. So, if you feel that what you’re doing is putting too much pressure on you, start to re-evaluate your methods.

Tips on finding your own stretch zone

Finding your own stretch zone is the key to getting out of your comfort zone and staying away from the panic zone. Here are some tips on finding your own stretch zone:

Strive for the stretch zone

You can only grow in your stretch zone. Having the right amount of thrill and excitement can help you better progress. Giving yourself the right amount of challenge is important in your learning journey. Diagnosing your language level is essential in knowing what activities will keep you motivated and interested to learn. So, find an eLearning provider that can help you determine whether or not you’re in your stretch zone depending on your current learning level. 

Start Aiming for the Stretch Zone in Learning