Discover how employer branding and pre-hiring language assessment
optimize recruitment, produce marked benefits,
and strengthen your organization’s future.

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In today’s job market, where economic shifts, digitalization, remote work, and industry transformations are the new norm, organizations, both large and small, face fierce competition for talent. 

To thrive in such a dynamic landscape, strengthening your company’s employer brand has become essential.

When complemented by a precise and efficient pre-hiring language assessment, this duo not only supercharges hiring, it also yields significant benefits.

Let’s delve into how language assessment affects employer branding and how the unique synergy between these two elements contributes to a winning strategy that enhances your organization’s success.

Unpacking Employer Branding

Employer branding is a powerful communication strategy that blends your values, culture, and environment to shape a positive image and a compelling value proposition. Every action tied to it is about fostering genuine human connections.

Employer branding in recruitment

Internally, effective branding entails cultivating a workplace where your teams discover purpose and a sense of belonging. Externally, it’s the art of conveying this vibrant culture through narratives that resonate with job seekers. When your company emerges as the top choice for career growth, it ensures both sustained financial success and enhanced business performance.

The Payoffs of a Strong Brand

A robust employer brand yields numerous advantages, both tangible and intangible.

From a financial standpoint, it translates into savings in two critical areas: money and time.

One metric that measures the effectiveness of your branding efforts is the cost of hiring

A well-established brand not only enhances your visibility but also creates a positive reputation within the job market. Consequently, your talent pool naturally fills up with enthusiastic job seekers. This increased interest, in turn, reduces your reliance on expensive job ads, potentially saving your company up to 50% on hiring expenses

Furthermore, a stellar brand accelerates talent attraction up to 2 times faster. How does it work? By effectively communicating your brand strengths, your company attracts well-informed applicants. This results in a 50% increase in qualified candidates and a reduction in time and effort required to fill vacancies. Simultaneously, when current employees feel a strong connection to your company culture and values, they are more inclined to stay, leading to a remarkable 28% drop in turnover rates.

When you have teams of diverse global talents equipped with clear and effective communication skills, exceptional work transpires. This is evident in smoother internal collaboration and heightened productivity. Moreover, these essential skills prepare employees for customer-facing roles, ensuring effective customer interactions and increased satisfaction

Creating-diverse teams-through-employer-branding

Creating a Win-win Screnario Through Language Assessment

Fostering a positive employer brand goes hand-in-hand with creating an inclusive and efficient hiring process. A crucial aspect of this is ensuring a level playing field for all candidates. One way to do this is by integrating tools that optimize hiring tasks. Enter the game-changer: the pre-hiring language assessment.

How does language assessment affect employer branding? Think of it as a performance booster that speeds up and streamlines your recruitment. Using it demonstrates your commitment to inclusivity, fairness, and giving candidates the best experience. 

Language assessments thoroughly evaluate reading comprehension, grammar and vocabulary usage, and spoken fluency. They provide a clear snapshot of a candidate’s real-world language skills.

goFLUENT Language Assessment is designed to cover all these abilities. It is composed of proficiency and speaking tests that are aligned with CEFR standards. It generates reliable results and facilitates superior candidate matching.


Another critical feature of goFLUENT Language Assessment is seamless integration with applicant tracking systems (ATS). This integration saves recruiters valuable time and effort, especially in handling large volumes of assessments.

Additionally, a well-structured assessment should help cut down training expenses. A pool of new hires, proficient in business language, means immediate deployment to their roles. This allows companies to save on training costs. 

goFLUENT ensures precision. It delivers CEFR results through expert human scoring and efficient AI. With unparalleled swiftness, results are delivered straight to a recruiter’s ATS inbox. With a glance, quick decisions can be made on whether a qualified candidate needs more training or not.

Beyond these benefits, a thoughtfully designed pre-hiring assessment contributes to a positive candidate experience. Conducting an accessible, fair, and transparent assessment provides candidates with an equitable opportunity to showcase their language proficiency. This experience leaves a lasting and favorable impression of your organization.  

goFLUENT Language Assessment enhances this experience. Its portal has user-friendly settings, clear instructions, easy test navigation, and 24/7 access within a given timeframe. These features let candidates take the tests with no hassles and complete them at their convenience. The portal also generates a complimentary CEFR Certificate of Language Proficiency for them to share on their profiles.

Unlocking Future Success with Employer Branding and Language Assessment

In an increasingly competitive job market, the combination of a strong employer brand and linguistic excellence stands as a pivotal move for bolstering your company’s success.


As your dedicated language assessment partner, goFLUENT empowers your competitiveness and fortifies your commitment to excellence in the modern workplace. 

Ready to unlock your full potential? Explore the opportunities with goFLUENT Language Assessment today.