HR and L&D professionals are now looking for strategies that will develop their employees’ professional skills. That’s where language learning for employees comes in. Read how goFLUENT’s Accelerate Conference 2021 highlights that and more!

In the corporate workplace, you must have experienced far-wide and significant changes happening, especially when it comes to developing strategies in upskilling your employees. Keeping up with the fast-paced environment, most companies are now relying on digital courses and learning insights to progress their learning and development.

Professionals in the HR and L&D space have cultivated a culture of learning that essentially both upskill and reskills the workforce in the long run, in which language learning plays a huge role. 

Employee experience should always be one of the main focuses of each company as it makes the workplace more efficient. To add, if companies maximize personalized employee experience to their advantage, they have a competitive edge over their competitors.

Language training for employees is one feature of that experience. When employees are trained in relevant knowledge, skills, and job roles, there is an increase in the overall performance of the company.

Last September 2021, goFLUENT recently hosted a handful of sessions’ worth of insightful and helpful collaborations with companies called “Accelerate Conference 2021” that aim to promote the development, wellbeing, and overall employee experience of business professionals through language training. These discussions talked greatly about how your employees can gain greater confidence in their workplace which will make them take action, stand out, and succeed.

As there are huge leaps in technology, language training shifted from the face-to-face environment to fully going online. It’s the new normal for companies to train their employees through an app or online software that is fully available 24/7, anytime and anywhere.

Through online language training, employees can connect with their co-learners, and not only that, they are provided with more access to information and lessons that were not available before.

Those companies which are operating globally need to train their employees in speaking and writing so that they can express their thoughts and ideas effectively. As they are more and more trained in communication, tasks are done quickly and efficiently, resulting in faster operations.

In goFLUENT’s Accelerate Conference, 3 companies have transformed their employees’ learning experience: Bank BRI, Popular Inc., and Colas & Bouygues. Here are their best practices and strategies:

1.  Bank BRI, Digital Upskilling that Enhances the Employee Experience

As the world faces digital challenges and with how technology is growing exponentially fast every two years, Bank BRI has equipped its employees with effective language skills that boosted their performance. 

“Go smaller, go shorter, go faster, and go deeper,” Andreas Hassim, Chief Learning Officer of Bank BRI said in terms of their training and development.

There is a need for digital transformation as jobs were lost in the pandemic. Language learning is one of the solutions to solve that problem. This type of learning not only inspires your employees’ desire to learn but also increases productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

Bank BRI, in collaboration with goFLUENT, has bridged that internal gap with English as its main business language. Likewise, it boosted their Return of Training Investment (ROTI) where Bank BRI benefited greatly from goFLUENT’s corporate language training where their employees have built professional skills that improved their collaboration. Likewise, Bank BRI was able to gain access to learning materials anytime and anywhere, making their employees’ learning experience flexible and relevant.

Hassim further stated, “With goFLUENT,  BRI now has free access to learning that’s available anytime and joyful to our employees; a flexible, integrated service.”

2. Popular Inc., Humanity in Learning as a Catalyst for Development

In any type of business setting, every employee should be empowered to speak in either their native language or their secondary language. If your business enables your employees to learn and develop new skills, then you’re on the right track! That’s how Popular Inc. works with its employees.

“There should be humanity in learning. Here at Popular, we leverage sympathy, empathy, kindness, and generosity to all our employees in training them,” Victoria Thorpe, Corporate Learning Strategy Supervisor of Popular states.

Through compassionate learning with goFLUENT’s services, Popular Inc. opened all of its learning access that empowered every employee in their learning journey. Additionally, with goFLUENT, Popular Inc. was able to provide real-time learning support, one person at a time, delivering personalized training opportunities whenever and wherever they might be.

3. Colas and Bouygues, Going Global, Designing Local: Inclusive, Accessible, and Relevant L&D Programs

For Human Resources and Learning & Development professionals, there are common issues that should be addressed like internationalization, talent attraction and retention, and synergies. Have you ever thought about how language learning can solve these challenges by aligning its employees to a designated program that will bring them all together? If yes, then you’re in the right place with Colas and Bouygues!

Eglantine de Nadaillac, Digital Learning Manager of Bouygues, and Nicolas Colombini HR Training & Development Manager of Colas worked hand-in-hand with goFLUENT in transforming their learning spaces into more efficient environments in which their employees were more engaged.

“What is the need?” and “Where do you want to bring this training?” are two questions that motivated Nadaillac and Colombini to find a suitable solution for their employees. With goFLUENT, they were able to deploy their teams globally, making learning inclusive for all. 

In striking this balance with goFLUENT, they were able to engage with leads consistently which ensured that all of their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were met.

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Enhancing employees’ learning experience in this digital age is certainly a must! Therefore, your company should always be on the lookout for upgrading your current learning programs for your employees so that they will remain confident in their job roles and succeed locally and globally.

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