English training for global organizations is now an on-demand and critical part of every L&D strategy. Discover how organizations are amplifying their employees’ experiences from these goFLUENT Accelerate Conference 2021 takeaways.


Employee experience has been high-up on the agenda for HR and L&D professionals more than ever before since it creates a culture of happiness and an environment in which employees want to work and succeed.

As learning leaders continue to focus on improving their employees’ experience, they’re seeing greater confidence in their people to succeed, higher levels of workplace productivity, and an increase in the overall performance.

To put it simply, the positive experiences are shining through in their work for the entire business — which is a great thing if you ask us! After all, when it comes to your employees, ensuring they have a great experience should be your top priority.

So this year, we opened up our all live, all virtual “Accelerate Conference 2021” as an opportunity for dialogue in promoting the development, wellbeing, and overall employee experience of business professionals through language training.

Why language skills specifically? Because if there’s any type of learning that’s going to help employees build meaningful work relationships, perform better within their teams, and gain relevant job-specific knowledge, it’s language training.

That’s why we made sure Accelerate 2021 weaves together amplifying the employee experience and English training for global organizations in a series of compelling sessions.

If you want to rewatch all the sessions, you can find all the video content at our Accelerate Conference 2021 On Demand page. For now, we’re exploring the transformative learning strategies and innovations shared by our renowned speakers.

In our latest article, we discussed the key takeaways on digital upskilling, humanity in learning, and inclusive training from three of those talks led by business leaders from Bank BRI, Popular Inc., and Colas and Bouygues.

But of course, we have more insights to explore — ones you can apply to your unique strategy. So let’s see how Valeo, Morgan Advanced Materials, MSD, and Legrand & Lilly amplified their employees’ experience:

1. Valeo, Transforming HR and Learning to Address a New Employment Strategy

Brought about by automation and the COVID-19 pandemic, workplace learning has become one of the hardest-hit business activities. But companies can’t push the pause button on capability building, so it’s up to learning leaders to change the way they train their people. This is exactly what Valeo Japan did to keep driving business forward.

Addressing a big shift from the traditional Japanese employment attitude, Valeo strived to build a culture of learning within their organization through their LMS and English language training to improve employee engagement.

Thanks to goFLUENT’s corporate language training, Valeo was able to transform the way they delivered their training, giving their workforce the personalized and self-directed learning support they need.

“It shows the recommended training content based on occupation, and the learning path that suits them best. With that, they can figure out what they need for their careers,” Valeo Learning Manager Erika Nishino said.

Equipped with such a tool, employees were able to access more than 10,000 business-relevant learning assets that helped strengthen their soft skills. On top of that, Valeo successfully empowered their HR organization through the platform’s training management features, which proved to be a huge benefit for their L&D efficiency.

2. Morgan Advanced Materials, Building Professional Skills and Improving Personal Growth through Language Training

With companies expanding their business, a strong command of language skills is becoming more valuable in bridging cultural connections and achieving economic edge.

Operating in more than 100 locations worldwide, Morgan Advanced Materials found language training a vital solution to improve their global collaborative efforts and projects. Moreover, it was a great opportunity to strengthen team synergy while also supporting employees’ personal development. After all, this is something Talent & Development Manager Richard Li has experienced himself.

“After all the time I spent learning English, I can definitely say that it’s useful as I’ve embedded it into my personal day-to-day work. Moving forward, I believe I can make greater progress,” he shared.

Working together with goFLUENT, Morgan Advanced Materials was able to launch a digital, company-wide language learning initiative rooted in three key areas: learning on-the-job, through other people, and through content.

Through the platform’s different learning features, not only did employees gain unlimited access to job-relevant learning content but also the opportunity to put their newly acquired skills into practice, helping boost their communication confidence in the workplace.

3. MSD, Promoting Inclusion through a Digital Upskilling Revolution

As businesses continue to deal with the impact brought about by new competencies and evolving technologies, talent leaders are becoming more eager to upskill their people, equipping them with valuable skills such as language.

Besides that, companies also see the great advantages of interconnectedness in terms of their learning strategy, which is why MSD revolutionized the way their people learn by going for a completely digital L&D approach that highlights inclusivity, agility, and communication in all of its courses and resources.

Claudia d’Achille, MSD’s Learning & Development Associate Director even shares that they found language training as “a way to foster inclusivity since by having the chance to communicate and interact better with colleagues, everybody makes progress in terms of their career, collaboration, and so on.”

Working hand in hand with goFLUENT, MSD was able to shorten the distance between learners and learning as they maximized virtual proximity to develop digital empathy, ensuring people’s engagement and success in every training; from leadership to D&I.

4. Legrand & Lilly, How Communication Enhances Employee’s Performance, Equity & Inclusion at a Global Level

More on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, two leading international companies Legrand & Lilly are also at the forefront of promoting workplace inclusivity through language learning. Because language development on an international scale motivates people to progress in a company, and practice equality and inclusion.

Legrand Group Training & Development leader Corinne Hanisch Ribeiro even notes that “language is a key aspect for business performance.”

With goFLUENT’s integrated language training solutions, both companies were able to deploy a global strategy that focuses on building their language and professional skills while still supporting their DE&I promotion efforts.

Elevating the Employee Experience

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from this year’s Accelerate Conference, it’s to never take the employee experience for granted. This is why HR and L&D professionals should always look to upgrade their company’s learning and development strategy to drive success globally and further boost employee engagement.

Learn more about how goFLUENT can help you transform your digital language training approach, and achieve optimum results and ROI.

Looking for more great Accelerate Conference 2021 insights? You can find all the presenters mentioned above and more on our On Demand page. Also, check out our resources page on all things learning!

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