Ask an Expert: Selecting Effective DE&I Resources for Corporate Language Training

Why should content be a priority in your language training and how do you select the best DE&I resources for employees? Find out the answers to these and more straight from the expert!

English Language Education and Position-Based Human Resource Management in the Hitachi Group

To create a sustainable society, Hitachi, Ltd. is driving social innovations across their companies worldwide through promoting Position-based Human Resource Management. As their main tool, they implemented a large-scale yet customized reskilling program for employees in a learning culture that breeds self-directed leaders.

Equal Voice: Cultivating Diversity & Inclusion with our Learning Advisor Head

For this Equal Voice feature, we’re telling the story of Guillermo from goFLUENT Mexico and how he cultivates diversity & inclusion by putting empathy in language learning so he can better guide diverse learners and lead his global team.

Equal Voice: Achieving career milestones through language training with Kaori Deguchi

Meet Kaori from goFLUENT Japan! Learn how she managed to overcome language barriers that helped her succeed in a diverse workplace through strengthening her language skills.

5 Ways to Address DE&I with Equitable and Inclusive Language Training

Nurturing diverse talent begins with eliminating language barriers and bias. Discover how organizations can put language training in DE&I to provide everyone an equal voice.

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