Is Your L&D Program Worthy of an Award? Find Out Here

Having an award-winning learning program is a strong proof that your employees and organization are reaping great benefits from your L&D efforts. Find out how you can ensure that your L&D program is worthy of an award:

Key Tactics to Engage Employees in their Learning

L&D professionals are now tasked to “think like a marketer” — borrowing marketing practices to effectively endorse online learning programs to learners and other stakeholders. Learn how to engage employees in their learning here.

Training Impact and Effectiveness: 4 Essential Tips to Follow

One of the most important aspects of any training strategy is to know how to properly evaluate its impact and effectiveness. This way, you’ll get the most of your ROI. Read our latest article to figure out how.

4 Ways to Look at Learning Analytics

Learning analytics plays a major role in evaluating training and its effectiveness in your organization. Discover the know-hows of learning analytics here.

Email Communication Checklist for L&D: Tips on Creating Engaging Emails for Your Learners

Elevate your L&D through increased learner engagement. Here’s a checklist of tips on how you can use email communication to boost your learners’ interest and involvement in your training program:

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