From F2F to Digital Learning: A Comprehensive Guide to Making ‘The Switch’

In times like these, it’s important to ask — is your organization capable to train its employees remotely? Here, we’ll guide you through transitioning from F2F to digital learning for your organization to make a successful “switch.”
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More Than Words: How Language Affects The Way We Think

Language profoundly shapes our thinking and changes our perception of the world. Learn why in this article.
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5 Main Reasons Why Social Learning is Important in Language Learning

Start leveraging social learning to easily boost learner engagement in your language training program. Here are 5 reasons why social learning aids in your employees’ language training.
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Getting It Right: 3 Tips to Power Corporate Learning

Times are a-changing, and the modern workplace is evolving by the minute. This is why your company should start powering your corporate learning now. Here's how.
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How Can You Foster a Data-Driven Culture in the Workplace?

It’s time to start maximizing data and using it as a strategic asset. Here are the ins and outs of creating a data-driven culture in your corporate training.
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