MADRID, SPAIN — Last January 31, 2020 at the Circle of Fine Arts, the Institute of Professional Excellence (IEP) held their annual gala, the 2020 Business Excellence Awards, in order to recognize the most prominent companies, institutions and foundations in the Spanish landscape. One of the recipients of the distinguished award is  goFLUENT, a global leader in hyper-personalized language learning.

Anabel Ocaña, Corporate Sales Manager goFLUENT Iberia, collected the award during the gala saying that, “thanks to goFLUENT, more than 2,000 multinationals have maximized our digital language training solutions to improve their language skills, resulting in increased profitability and competitiveness in global business.”

The Institute for Professional Excellence annually recognizes the excellence of the best companies, institutions and professionals in Spain that have promoted more competitive, sustainable and fair economic and social dynamics, and leading projects innovators — keeping alive the validity of artisan segments and fighting to generate spaces for inclusion, equality and coexistence. The award is a very esteemed certification for the professional careers of those recognized, as well as a seal that reflects the company’s ethics, professionalism and results.

Thus, this prestigious recognition responds to goFLUENT’s effort in helping companies build greater confidence in their workforce, enhance employees’ professional growth, save time, and ultimately establishing an inclusive global culture in the workplace.