Communication is one of the most in-demand soft skills today among global businesses. And being able to communicate effectively starts with language confidence. With organizations expanding now more than ever, it’s only imperative for companies to make sure that their business professionals are ready to take on the challenge and learn different languages for business.

Recently, goFLUENT once again showed that it stays true to its commitment to accelerate language learning worldwide through partnering with Skillsoft, a leading educational technology company that produces learning management system (LMS) software and content.

goFLUENT’s language learning content are mainly focused on business and leadership content that are truly relevant to the ever-growing business world. With its content partners — Harvard Business Review, The New York Times, AFP, and World of Business Ideas (WOBI) — goFLUENT continue to provide business professionals with learning content on Communication, Leadership Development, Management Style, Productivity, Strategic Thinking, and Work Culture.

The goFLUENT Essentials — eLearning content, resources, and language training — is now integrated in Percipio, Skillsoft’s intelligent learning experience platform (LXP). This allows Percipio users to access over 12 training paths and more than 500 learning content in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Mandarin, and Portuguese.

“Our partnership with Skillsoft is a great opportunity for us to reach more business professionals, provide them with effective learning solutions, and give them the chance to learn critical business languages,” said goFLUENT Founder and CEO Christope Ferrandou.

Now, goFLUENT is more optimistic about collaborating with leading companies in the learning industry. With goFLUENT serving as one of Skillsoft’s leading content partners, the start of a new decade now becomes brighter for both organizations.

goFLUENT has already helped more than 2 million learners from over 2000 organizations worldwide to improve business professionals’ language proficiency for better communication among colleagues, clients, and customers.