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How Business Language Skills Drive
Global Collaboration and Align
with Business Strategy

Our panel of corporate language training explains how business language training is an essential pillar that aligns with DXC’s strategy to win with customers, grow the business and invest in employees’ development and career growth.

The Importance of Language
Training for Global Companies

Language training plays a key role in
developing great professionals in the
global company setting, enabling
improved personal development among

Measure & Align Your Training
Investment by Implementing a
Return on Expectations Strategy

Return on Expectations or ROE is the
primary indicator of value in training. It is
often used to measure both the qualitative
and quantitative benefits of a training

Trend Analysis: Mobile Learning in
the Corporate Environment

Employees worldwide are now accessing
content and knowledge via Smartphones
and Tablets. They use their own device
at work more and more. They expect from
their L&D teams to access training on their
mobile devices.

The Importance of High-Frequency
Vocabulary to Language Learning

Learn how to dramatically improve your
business English vocabulary and discover
the quickest and most efficient way to
improve your English comprehension and
communication skills.