Optec Zeiss boosts English confidence through
a flexible learning solution

Thanks to goFLUENT, I have considerably improved my vocabulary. Now, I can understand my colleagues well in other countries, and I am much better at understanding native English speakers.

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Pavel Kraskovich

Sales Manager of Ophthalmologic Lasers and Diagnostics Systems
Optec Zeiss Group Russia

goFLUENT offers really interesting educational content to develop not only language skills but skills in presentations, and business communication, both oral and written.

I strongly believe that improving skills in English gives us significant opportunities for developing our business in Russia. So, as Optec Zeiss Group offers the best modern solutions to our partners, goFLUENT offers the best available language technology to accelerate language learning for their clients.

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Anna Ermokhina

Human Resources Director
Optec Zeiss, Russia

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Improved communication between Russian associates and their international colleagues


Fit education into their employee’s busy schedules


Built a language learning solution that includes unlimited access to eLearning content, a portal for HR and training managers, and many more!

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