goFLUENT has released new curated learning paths to provide more relevant language learning experience to business professionals all over the world — starting with those in the automotive industry, and travel and aviation industry.

And given the ever-growing diversity of the modern workplace, a cross-cultural communication training path is now also available in the goFLUENT portal and mobile app.

Explore car manufacturing and automotive industry terms

goFLUENT의 화상수업 automotive industry training path is loaded with learning content — articles, videos, grammar and vocabulary lessons, and how-tos — about the basic vehicle parts and other automotive-related terms. Learners may now also know how to talk about their job in the industry and how to participate in meetings using the professional business language. In the intermediate course, on the other hand, users can discover more terms related to car manufacturing as well as phrases and common expressions for presenting products and interpreting industry reports.

Pilots can widen their English vocabulary on aircraft and airport operations

With this training path, users can get to know different jargons and technical terms in the travel and aviation industry. With the  English for Pilots 1 course, learners can study English vocabulary related to airline and airport operations, phrases and expressions used to describe weather, aircraft ground movements, and non-routine flight situations. In the  English for Pilots 2 course, pilots can learn English terms pertaining to aircraft movement rules and devices. Vocabulary related to sanitation in aviation is also available, as well as phrases used in routine flight communications.

Learn how to better manage multicultural teams

Recognizing the diversity of workforces in organizations globally, goFLUENT addresses the widening communication gaps in multicultural teams through its cross-cultural communication training path. Business professionals can learn how to effectively communicate with people from various cultural backgrounds. It can also help learners to conduct productive negotiations and presentations in a globally competitive business environment, and how to manage diverse teams as they make decisions and provide feedback more efficiently with cultural sensitivity in mind while communicating.