On April 1, 2020, goFLUENT released its new Smart Working Training Path as it recognizes the growing necessity for global organizations to achieve digital transformation. Smart working refers to a new model of work that uses the latest technologies to achieve more productive ways of working remotely.

The new training path aims to provide learners with how-tos on working from home, handling business meetings through video conferencing, and using organization apps in boosting workplace productivity.

Here are the key features of the new training path update:

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    Work from home tips! In times of crisis, organizations are always forced to shift to more modern and innovative ways of doing things, letting their employees work from home or remotely. goFLUENT gives business professionals with tips on how they can be productive while working in the comfort of their own homes.

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    Virtual meetings made easy. Video conferencing is now a popular way for people to connect especially in global organizations involving employees from different parts of the world. goFLUENT aims to walk business professionals through conducting, participating, and handling effective and fruitful discussions in virtual meetings.

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    Organization apps for better work coordination. Digital transformation comes with it the wide use of mobile devices across organizations. This is why the new Smart Working TP offers learners the information they need for using apps in virtual meetings, smart calendars, and other collaboration tools.

Current goFLUENT users can now access the training path under the new Business Trends category.