goFLUENT has released the latest version of its mobile app (version 5.14). The software update offers language learners and goFLUENT users with a redesigned interface and app functions. Users can now easily access eLearning content right on their homepage!

Here are the major revamps of the mobile app:

Corporate License side image

Access assigned training paths on mobile. Your assigned training paths — may it be industry-specific or business communication — are now available and can be easily accessed right on the homepage.

Learn up to 7 business languages. Aside from English, you can now learn Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, Italian, and Brazilian Portuguese — all in one app!

Meet the FAB! Book language lessons more easily while accessing the chat window using the Floating Action Button (FAB) on the lower right corner of the screen.

More accessible menu options. The menu options are now located at the bottom portion of the mobile application for more accessibility and ease of use.

Download the new goFLUENT mobile app in these stores for FREE: