DELRAY BEACH, FL [AUGUST 2019] – goFLUENT, the global leader in hyper-personalized language learning, received a silver award for its digital program for the Japanese employees of a leading global CRM software company. goFLUENT’s solution won in the Best Unique or Innovative Learning and Development Program category. The Brandon Hall Group awarded this during the 2019 HCM Excellence Awards on August 22, 2019.

“The real-life application of English in work situations has long been a great challenge for Japanese employees because of few speaking opportunities and a lack of confidence,” said Takashi Ono, Director – General Manager of goFLUENT Japan. “goFLUENT strives to empower Japan workforces to communicate their thoughts and ideas confidently in English through a hyper-personalized solution. We’re very happy to receive this award.”

goFLUENT continues to elevate the English proficiency of many companies in Japan to keep up with global competitiveness. Employees often lack confidence in speaking in English; thus, they fail to communicate their ideas and opinions at work. Also, one of the biggest challenges for them was the integration of the lessons in their hectic schedules.

goFLUENT addressed this problem by assigning them with lessons based on their immediate needs and goals. The company provided them with language training that gave them the necessary English language skills they can use in real-life business situations. Based on reports, the program made them more confident, engaged, and motivated to collaborate within teams.

“goFLUENT recognizes the need to accelerate language learning worldwide. We value the effective use of corporate language and align this to the strategic goals of our clients,” said Christophe Ferrandou, goFLUENT’s CEO and Founder. “Today, language confidence is the key to success in the global workplace.”

The prestigious award is given to learning programs that foster growth and drive positive changes and outcomes in organizations. Various international industry experts and Brandon Hall Group’s senior analysts and executive leaders evaluated all the entries.

Almost two decades after its establishment, goFLUENT still continues to provide hyper-personalized language learning solutions globally. Together with reputable news and business publications, goFLUENT delivers relevant and curated content about various industry topics. The company also offers corporate licensing, branding, content customizations, and single sign-on integrations.