goFLUENT eLearning
The only Business English eLearning Solution

goFLUENT’s eLearning solution was designed to meet the needs of Human Resources Directors who are looking for a comprehensive, integrated solution that can be deployed worldwide to large numbers of employees of different English levels and native languages.
goFLUENT’s eLearning platform features authentic, Business English content that learners can use to increase their overall efficiency and fluency when communicating in English. The content is also relevant to the workplace so any skills acquired are immediately applicable in a professional setting.

bullets Truly Blended
eLearning is at the core of all of goFLUENT’s solutions, ensuring a totally seamless blended approach.

Authentic Business English
Employees who are learning English need solutions that they can apply to their jobs. Our authentic Business English materials are the perfect response to this requirement.


Learning 2.0
Social learning brings a lot of value to the learning experience. Learners benefit from the feedback of thousands of their peers, worldwide.


goFLUENT’s solutions ensure a high level of learner engagement and skills that are applicable to professional environments. Our vision at goFLUENT is to make our clients more efficient and profitable when doing business globally.

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Key Points

check  100% Online
       No software to download, and no plug-ins to install. Compatible with multiple browsers. Seamless deployment.

 check  Levels equivalence
       goFLUENT levels correspond to TOEIC® and Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) levels.



check  Content updated daily
       Our content partners: Harvard Business Review, The New York Times and AFP.

 check  Learning 2.0
       Ensures individualized learning paths and maximizes learner engagement.


check  Activity history
      Quizzes are fully recordable and learners’ complete activity history is available
 check  Flexibility & mobility
       available anywhere, anytime.
Virtual Class
bullets  No additional cost
      Our Virtual Class option is included in the eLearning license. Learners can take part in a Virtual Class from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, allowing group study with classmates of the same English proficiency level.
bullets  Interactive group lessons
       Learners will be organized into groups of no more than six people, and will be guided by one of our 400 native English trainers for the duration of the class. The trainer will be visible on the screen throughout the interactive lesson, during which learners can communicate with each other via online chat and telephone conference.
bullets  Live debate on a current and relevant business news topic
      For the first part of the lesson, the group will study a business eLearning video provided by one of our partners Harvard Business Review, New York Times and AFP. During the second part of the class, learners will participate in a live debate on the given topic, enabling them to practice their spoken English and gain confidence in front of a group.
eLearning Features

bullets  2,000+ Business English videos and articles
      Every video and article is enriched with learning modules: a LEARN section dedicated to vocabulary and comprehension, a QUIZ designed to generate further intensive output, and a PRACTICE MORE section to keep learning.


bullets  3,400+ business modules (How-To guides for work scenarios)
      The business modules are organized by functions (for example, meetings or negotiations) and levels. They are designed to be immediately applicable on the job and all of the modules are recordable and are accompanied by a related quiz. Therefore, the learners have a maximum number of output opportunities.

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