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From Blended Learning to Integrated Learning

"Blended Learning" generally refers to a type of course that seamlessly integrates "live" lessons with a distance or face-to-face trainer and e-learning resources available on different platforms or media (online, podcasts, smartphones, tablet computers, etc.).


The ROI of training Strategies and evaluation methods

The true goal of training evaluation is to determine the business impact and return on investment (ROI). With the relevant data, executives can be guided on future business decisions in relation to training investments, cost reduction, and process improvement.


A guide for developing a request for proposal for language training services

This paper is the product of goFLUENT’s in-depth analysis of the RFPs it has received recently. In addition to an analysis of the current market situation for English training solutions.


How to Implement Mobile Learning in Global Organizations

Discussing the implications of the staggering statistics regarding the increase in mobile device usage, goFLUENT CEO, Christophe Ferrandou explains, “With more smartphones being sold every three months than computers, mobile learning is not only growing in popularity but it’s beginning to overtake other forms of eLearning as the most popular technology-delivered learning mechanism.