Personalized training for effective written communication in English

eWriting is an essential tool for learning written English communication, complementary to the eLearning solution. Addressing the growing need of organizations to improve their employees’ written communication skills for smoother business flow, eWriting empowers professionals to practice and improve their written communication skills through valuable feedback and recommendations from native English-speaking trainers.

The eWriting Cycle

  • Writing Prompt

    Displays a writing prompt and an essay submission box on each of our more than 5,000 eLearning resources

  • Personalized Feedback

    Detailed feedback within 48 hours after written practice submission, including a short note about their submission, a table of corrections and homework recommendations

  • Homework Recommendations

    Suggested resources tailored to learner level and needs, which may include grammar rules, a vocabulary list, among other relevant resources

  • Submission Tracking

    Submissions list of all essays submitted by the learner, including status and feedback

eWriting Benefits


Language Precision

Trains precise and deliberate Business English communication skills for carefully crafted letters and documents

Complex Discussions

Challenges learners to translate complex ideas into effective presentations and proposals

Increased Value and Image

Refined written communication improves interorganizational efficiency and enhanced image within your professional industry

Proven Methodology

Designed to enable continuous improvement with each submission cycle

"Learners are able to apply their improved skills in real professional situations."

— Coralie Michel, Training and Development Manager, Bristol-Myers Squibb

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