Client Stories

Get to know why our clients gave us a 98% satisfaction rating for our solutions.

We have worked with more than 2,000 global corporations, helping hundreds and thousands of professionals improve their English communication worldwide.

“We are a worldwide supplier of iron and steel, welding, products of aluminum and copper, industrial machines such as compressors, and engineering. With a combination of our own in-house training and goFLUENT, we aim for a rapid strengthening of the English ability of our employees.”

“I saw a great improvement in the English level of our employess, thanks to goFLUENT.”

“We chose goFLUENT because of its specialized solution. It corresponds perfectly to the needs of our employees who need to travel for their jobs.”

THK-BP is the third largest oil company in Russia and is among the top 10 private oil companies in the world by production volume. goFLUENT’s training is available to learners all over Russia. Even on remote oil facilities.

100+ employees are enrolled in goFLUENT’s English Training.

With 9,000+ employees, NKT Cables is a front-line supplier of power cables to the electricity sector primarily in Europe and in China. goFLUENT’s services are combined with group classes.

Lexmark International, Inc. made $4 billion in revenue in 2010. Its products are sold in more than 170 countries. goFLUENT’s services are used by employees in more than 15 countries, thanks to the goFLUENT method which combines a global contract with a local reach

200+ employees are enrolled in goFLUENT’s English training in more than 15 countries.

162,000 employees, with 10,200 branches in 22 countries. goFLUENT’s services are available to employees in the 22 countries where Unicredit operates.

3,000+ employees are enrolled in goFLUENT’s English training

“Our employees often conduct conference calls in English, and in the past, they’ve had a difficult time. Thanks to their training with goFLUENT, they’re more confident and well-spoken.”

“goFLUENT’s eLearning platform has an impressive amount of resources and is very easy to navigate.”

“We have seen nothing but positive results from goFLUENT’s training program.“