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Blended English Learning Program Deployed Across O-I Europe

For over a century, O-I has been a pioneer and leader in the glassmaking industry. Today, O-I is the world’s leading glass container maker with more than 24,000 employees in 21 countries, and making over $6.6 billion annually.


Key Figures

  • World's leading glass container company

  • Headquarters in Perrysburg, Ohio, USA

  • US$ 6.6 billion (2010)

  • 322 of the Fortune 500 companies (2010)

  • 24,000+ employees

  • 81 plants in 21 countries

  • 49,000+ customers in 86 countries


In 2009 goFLUENT launched the English@O-I Program in more than 10 country sites of O-I (Owens-Illinois Inc), and the success of the program has proven to be extremely beneficial for the Fortune 500 Company (2010). We were able to speak with Aline Estevant, Vice President for Human Resources Europe, and Emanuela Zappone, Vice President for Leadership and Organization, at their European headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland. Below are some thoughts and reactions they shared with us:

“It’s kind of a dream come true, after so many years in multinationals, seeing so much money spent on English training not being directed by any target that was a perfect program that really is an investment for our employees, an investment for the company, and at the end of the day, it is really the best possible leverage we can ever get, and it’s giving an opportunity for people to grow, and to grow to a global perspective. And from this point of view, the measurement effect, all of this is powerful, as I have said, in my 20 year career, I haven’t seen anything SO NICE, so exciting, and so POWERFUL.“

Aline Estevant

Vice President for Human Resources – Europe

“It is a real global program (English@O-I). As of today we have trained 900 employees, so it’s a huge population, and the level of satisfaction of our employees is very high. 99% of our employees say that they are very happy with this program, and from the company perspective, what want is an increase in progression in their language skills, and the overall progression rate is 20%.“

Aline Estevant

Vice President for Human Resources – Europe