Self-Assessing Business Skills: 7 Tips For Your Employees To Do Now

To measure whether or not your corporate training efforts are effective, learners should also assess their own skills and knowledge for learning leaders to get a holistic understanding of the current workplace learning situation. So here are some tips for learners to evaluate their skills gained from workplace learning:


Muchas veces hemos escuchado o leído acerca de los beneficios de las formaciones online para nuestros colaboradores. Si bien son evidentes las nuevas posibilidades que la digitalización presenta para sus alumnos, es muy importante también conocer y tener en cuenta el...

Data Fluency Matters for Every HR Professional — Here’s Why and How

As the world of work continues to thrive on data, so should your company training! Learn why being data fluent matters for L&D in our latest article:     As employees continue on with their training, tons of new information is being generated every day....

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