In this edition of our Meet Our Experts series, get to know Kat, a Learner Engagement Team Leader, and learn how she makes a world of difference in learners’ experiences.

With human interaction at the heart of goFLUENT’s language learning experience, our Learner Engagement team and Learning Consultants drive learners towards success by giving them personalized live support and motivating them throughout their journey.

Ekaterina Myagkova, Learner Engagement (LE) and Learning Consultants (LC) Associate Manager, has long been a part of this dynamic team since 2011, starting as a LC Team Leader. Her team’s goal is to assist learners, ensuring they’re able to maximize and enjoy their learning.

Learn more about Kat and her role as a Learner Engagement Team Leader:


Can you tell us what it’s like being a LE Associate Manager?

I started my career at goFLUENT 11 years ago as an LC Team Leader where I coordinated the team in supporting and guiding learners. Since then, I’ve grown and flourished, eventually earning my Associate Manager position in the department after my manager asked me to lead the team with her. Towards the end of 2019, I found myself doing more challenging yet very fulfilling tasks.

From only handling learner communications, my role has now evolved into also planning engagement webinars and conducting performance surveys. On top of that, I steer the whole team in the right direction by creating a clear roadmap of our various learner-related initiatives and make sure we run them smoothly from start to finish.


That sounds nice! What do you love and enjoy most about your role?

What I love most about my job is that I always feel that I’m a part of something big that really matters. What excites me more than ever is seeing the impact of our day-to-day work on learners’ professional lives. Thanks to the amazing synergy between people in our team and the different teams inside goFLUENT, streamlining the experience across learners’ hyper-personalized blended learning programs isn’t difficult at all.

Speaking of synergy, I love how I increasingly work with a culturally diverse team and pool of learners. Makes my corner of the world feel a lot bigger and interconnected with the rest! Also makes working more fun and exciting.


Why is learning support such an important part of any learner’s learning experience?

I believe that everyone deserves flexible and proactive guidance at every step of their learning journey. Especially now that we live in a digital world, some may not be as experienced or knowledgeable in digital learning just yet.

Because of that, they can feel lost and frustrated, not knowing what to do or how to go about their training which is completely normal. Everyone learns differently and has their own learning pace. So it’s alright if you’re not progressing as fast as others.

This is why our approach is to guide, engage, and motivate learners first and foremost. We make sure that learners enjoy their learning experience by proactively reminding learners how to leverage and take advantage of their corporate language training.

Moreover, we hope to make language training for organizations more efficient by offering the support both learners and management need.


What’s your ultimate goal when it comes to engaging learners?

It would most definitely be seeing every learner we have from different parts of the globe maximize the tools and resources we have in our Corporate Language Academy from their first day with us until the last.

Really making the best use of their time learning on our portal will not just help them achieve language proficiency but also allow them to overcome language barriers and become more successful in their careers. For some, this may sound simple and easy to do. But actually building the habit to keep learning can be a challenge for busy adult learners in today’s modern workplace.

That’s why having a learning tool, in this case, our portal isn’t enough. Learners need something more. They need motivation; that push that’s going to inspire them to take charge of their corporate language training. That’s exactly what the Learner Engagement team is for! We’re the ones helping them take this extra mile to success. And that, for me, is rewarding in itself.


How do you know whether or not you’re doing well in your job?

You could say that I have a strong work ethic. I feel that this is why my role suits me well since the ‘secret’ to being a good manager is to help people be successful in their roles and make their working environment enjoyable with that right amount of challenge. That said, the agile approach we take helps us work in a more adaptive way while still respecting deadlines.

Essentially, I assume that I’ve performed well at work when our projects have been executed successfully and on time. More importantly, when my team is high spirited as ever after every task and is ready to take on another new adventure.

Since my work also involves spearheading our engagement webinars, it’s always heartwarming to hear learners say that what we’re doing for them is interesting and motivating!


What’s been your biggest success yet as an LE leader?

I would say that it’s our Engagement webinars, a project I managed and launched together with my team last year. Through these online webinars hosted by speakers from goFLUENT, we’ve been able to build an inspired community of learners. And the positive feedback we get from our clients shows just how successful we are with this project.

Moving forward with our engagement campaigns, we hope to connect with more learners and support them in their goFLUENT journeys!

Meet Our Experts is a blog series featuring different voices from various teams at goFLUENT. From professionals who nurture our client relationships, consultants who motivate and engage our learners in their journey, to those building and creating our content and products, this series showcases different stories of how our experts have been contributing to the success of our clients’ language training journeys.

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