Beginner-level language learning can be challenging. As a foreign language learner, you may feel shy or hesitant to engage or converse with other speakers because of limited vocabulary. Nevertheless, small talk is important in establishing rapport with clients and colleagues.

Becoming skillful in making light and informal conversations in an open and friendly manner is vital to successful business communications and future partnerships. 

Beginners can be motivated to speak more by practicing your skills in making small talk, which can be done with colleagues while waiting for a meeting, conference, or any kind of gathering. Possible conversation starters may include talking about lifestyles, and expressing likes or dislikes.

Moreover, asking about one’s job and company is another skill that you need to develop, especially when you meet new contacts or leads. And while preparing for a client meeting or a presentation, it pays to know how to talk about the time and how to talk about what time an event starts and ends, to show respect towards other people’s schedules.

In addition, sensitive topics like politics, money, intimate personal relationships, age, religion, or sickness should also be avoided to prevent unnecessary arguments with other people, especially recent acquaintances. Instead, you can opt to talk about the weather, hobbies, habits, or places

Lastly, showing genuine interest in a conversation is very important. Asking open-ended questions or using tag questions elicits a variety of responses that one can show enthusiasm for.

Language learners should always look for opportunities to make small talk no matter how long or short the conversation would be. This will definitely help in accelerating your communication skills! 

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