Not all training programs are effective enough to yield results, generate ROI, and achieve corporate objectives. Here’s why global companies are ditching the one-size-fits all model and turning to customized corporate training.


The process of searching for and selecting a training solution for one’s organization is filled with challenges. With as much as the company’s future at stake, it isn’t easy to make a decision that will ultimately change a company’s course over the next months or even years. Because skills development is integral to the success of both large, multinational companies and expanding SMEs, more and more organizations are looking to invest in training that yields a twofold result—meaningful and noticeable improvement in terms of employee performance and efficient ROI.

The demand for highly customizable training solutions has increased over the years, with providers allowing more flexibility and content options. From customizing content to personalizing training based on a learner’s current skill level, providers are now taking an extra step in tailoring their solutions to the client’s needs. Some training providers even go as far as producing customized learning material from corporate communication, and creating web-based programs that feature company branding. This enables companies to embed their corporate values and ideals in the learning material, making the experience more meaningful for their employees. But more than just providing a well-rounded experience for professional learners, customized corporate training inspires success through effective skills development and meaningful learning. Here’s why traditional cookie-cutter training pales in comparison to today’s customized solutions.


  • Employee training needs are specifically defined and addressed via the course material and difficulty levels. With customized corporate training solutions, providers determine learners’ skill levels, learning style, and timeframe. Because professionals are often pressed for time, a flexible and accessible solution is the primary demand from clients. Such needs are addressed through specific, personalized training methods that are appropriate for the learner’s skill level, through mobile or web-based learning, or one-on-one immersive coaching.
  • Customized, on-demand training provides flexibility to cut costs, save time, and increase ROI. Determining employees’ learning goals and current skill levels enables training providers to more accurately address clients’ needs and come up with solutions that are aligned with the organization’s objectives. Customized corporate training is able to do what the one-size-fits all model cannot do, which is provide different programs for learners with different needs. By creating a blended learning solution, learners can get access to different types of training, such as one-on-one coaching and web- or application-based self-study. Such customized training solutions can also provide a wider reach through mass-deployable programs that save time, cut costs, and increase ROI as the number of employees who use the solution also increase.
  • Personalized training solutions equip employees with the tools they need to succeed and become more promotable, more valuable, and help drive ROI. When training is successful, learners are able to sharpen their skills, improve performance, and subsequently improve ROI. With customized training solutions, learners are studying concepts that are easily relatable to real-life work situations, making it easier to apply what they have learned. With learning material that is highly applicable to real-life and real work situations, they understand that their training is a benefit. They feel empowered to do better and with better performance comes a higher rate of retention, promotion, and ultimately, ROI.
  • Corporate identity and values are integrated in training material, which helps increase awareness on company culture and provide a sense of belonging. Employees are more motivated when their personal beliefs and goals are aligned with their organization’s. To help employees better understand an organization’s mission and message, companies are given the option to create personalized course material featuring content centered on corporate communication. By providing learners with this type of material, companies can create emotional connections and inspire and motivate their employees.
  • Branding helps learners emulate your corporate values and identity in real world situations. With such emotional connections created through the learning experience, companies can further encourage loyalty and pride that their employees are part of a corporate team. Employees can also better represent the company and achieve their goals when they truly understand the values behind the organization.


Successful training means seeing the positive results affect the overall performance of the organization. Whether it’s to reach farther markets or improve sales, customized corporate training solutions aid in achieving your organizational objectives by equipping employees with the necessary skills to carry out their work efficiently and effectively. With customized corporate training, organizations are sure that every learner’s needs are addressed accurately, and goals are met with cost-efficiency.

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