Training programs weren’t created equal: some providers offer programs tailored to their learners’ needs through personalized curated content that is relevant to an employee’s professional life. Here’s how this kind of learning material helps providers precisely meet goals and deliver effective training.


Blended learning has been highly influential in the way training is delivered by providers over the last two decades. With blended learning, learners are able to receive their training in various methods—through online, web-based programs, face to face lessons, mobile applications, and more. Because of these highly diverse and customized ways that learners receive their training, more importance has now been placed on learning material and how customized content plays a role in training success. Here’s how curated content can more precisely achieve training goals amongst learners.

  • Ensures that learning material continuously meets company goals and objectives. When organizations work regularly with training providers to create content that is relevant to learners, they are able to build learning materials that are up to company standards. Having learning material that embeds organizational values and objectives will give employees a clearer understanding about branding and identity, and will foster a connection between their own values with their employer’s. Ultimately, curating training content will enable organizations to ensure that all materials are also consistently in line with their own key messages and objectives.
  • Gives learners an opportunity to take control of their learning experience. With curated content, learners are able to focus on topics that matter to them. Learners are able to take control of their learning experience by selecting from a pool of recommended materials that are 100% useful in their professional lives. Such material will feature lessons that are applicable in real life and real work situations, ensuring that the learning experience is truly meaningful for professionals.
  • Facilitates easier self-study among learners. With curated content, organizations are provided with training that is faster and more efficient because the material uses company and work-specific language, examples, and scenarios that are applicable to their employees’ roles. Curated content lets learners study easier and quicker, as they need not translate learning material to their own specific scenarios.
  • Provides knowledge for the development of a specific set of skills. With curated content, training providers are able to provide learners with a specific set of learning materials that address their needs. If a particular learner needs to sharpen his or her communication skills in, say, negotiating, he or she will be given materials on engaging with potential clients, or sales and marketing topics, and other relevant materials as well. Curated content may also contain real-life scenarios that learners can easily connect to, and lessons that they will surely apply in a real business setting.
  • Beats content fatigue which may overwhelm learners. Having a curated set of learning material that is engaging and interesting for learners will help them beat content fatigue. Content fatigue is that overwhelming feeling of having too much material to pore over for training. Curated learning materials will better engage learners and keep them excited about their learning, providing them with fresh content every time.


The challenge of maintaining curated learning materials

Keeping learning materials relevant as time progresses is a task that requires consistent collaboration. This is where content specialists come in. They work hand in hand with training providers to pore over learning materials and check if the facts and figures are up to date. Additionally, content specialists act as curators and make sure that information remains relevant. To make curated learning materials as effective as possible in terms of training, providers and organizations need to work together to not only make sure that content remains relevant, but also receive feedback from learners. This is valuable in building a strong training program that can be used over a longer period of time.


Curated learning materials in blended learning programs

Curated content often goes hand in hand with blended learning, as it takes advantage of different wants to get employees to access their lessons and learn. But regardless if it’s face to face, telephone, or web- or mobile- based learning, curated learning materials can present a more effective way of sharpening learners’ skills. A satisfied employee is about 12% more productive, and when employees experience training that is effective, they become capable of achieving more. With learning materials that specifically target learners’ needs, training managers are also able to yield more meaningful results, and it is with these results that ROI begins to take shape.

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