From making the F2F to digital learning switch to increasing learner engagement, discover our most-read articles on the goFLUENT blog this 2020.


2020 has certainly been a challenge for many, including learning leaders who had to brave through new challenges and embrace the changes that came with them. This is why we’ve continually shared our insights on a range of topics to help HR and L&D professionals navigate through this year like no other.

So whether your objectives are to get your training program off the ground and into the digital space, increase learner engagement, or create a more personalized learning experience, we’ve made sure to stay at the forefront of these and more with the knowledge, insights, and experience we’re continually acquiring. 

In case you missed them, we’ve compiled our 10 most popular articles in this post. Take a look and see how you can apply these insights to your company’s training strategy:


1. From F2F to Digital Learning: A Comprehensive Guide to Making ‘The Switch’

With a global pandemic changing the way businesses operate, learning leaders also had to change the way employees learned. And that was by taking their traditional classroom training set-ups and moving to the online space. In this article, we guided them through transitioning from face-to-face to digital learning for your organization to make a successful “switch.”


2. How COVID-19 Has Affected and Changed L&D

In the corporate training landscape, rapid changes took place that will be long-lasting for years to come. Learn more about the impact of COVID-19 on L&D and what you should look out for next because of it in this article.


3. Training Post COVID-19: Tips to Adjust to the New Normal

As businesses have started to adapt to the new normal, the way things operate will be altered in many ways — starting with corporate training. Here are three key tips to help you and your workforce do just that.


4. Training Evaluation: Looking at Metrics that Matter

Get the most out of your training efforts by keeping track of metrics and results that really matter. In that way, you can uncover learning’s influence on behavior, performance, actions, and business goals. Learn more about that in this blog.


5. Assess Your Business Language Skills Accurately Through a Language Proficiency Test

Do you want to know whether you’re making valuable progress or not in your language learning journey? Take a look at this article to learn how you can assess your language skills using the CEFR language proficiency test.


6. 4 Effective Ways to Boost Learner Engagement Through Online Multi-Channel Communication

As more organizations shift to online learning, keeping employees motivated has been the top concern among L&D professionals worldwide. Discover what online communication practices you should harness to increase your learners’ engagement.


7. Think Like a Marketer: 4 Tactics to Boost Learner Engagement

One of the biggest L&D challenges isn’t setting up programs, it’s getting employees to engage with them! Learn how to boost learner engagement in this article.


8. The ‘Netflixization’ Phenomenon: 6 Best Practices for Personalized Learning in the Workplace

Make your company’s learning and development efforts more relevant for learners by adopting some key personalization strategies from Netflix as enumerated in this blog.


9. Promoting Diversity and Inclusion Through Language Training

With global organizations welcoming more diversity in their workplace, it’s important to go beyond that and continue pushing for a more inclusive company culture. Read this article to learn where to start.


10. 5 Digital Language Training Innovations To Level Up Your Workplace Learning Strategy

Jump in and take a quick glance at how digital language learning has taken the realm of learning by storm, and the innovations in language learning that can help accelerate your company’s learning strategy!


Bigger and better content coming your way in 2021!

It’s really been a joy to keep publishing articles covering a wide variety of topics in the hopes of accelerating learning for companies globally. As we move into a new year, stay tuned for more resources on our blog all designed to help you improve your skills and your programs! 


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