Last year, we talked about a range of topics on our blog — from languages to L&D. Here’s a look back at our top ten most-read ones:


Another decade has come and gone. But before facing the new one head-on, let’s look back on what we’ve learned so you can apply that knowledge to your company’s 2020 goals!

Taken from countless pieces we’ve published in 2019, these articles reflect the value of language for global companies and their workforce as well as its growing importance for various industries, among other things. Read on to find out the top ten blogs that sparked your interest (and even read on repeat!) in 2019:


1. Most Useful Languages to Learn in 2019

For many multinational organizations, language and communication skills are of utmost importance since diversity and inclusion have made their way into the workplace.

But out of over 7,000 living languages there are in the world, what are the most important to be knowledgeable of, putting one’s business miles ahead of the competition? Read this blog to find out.


2. Importance of Writing in Language Learning

Most people learn a language with the main goal of speaking it, but rarely consider writing because it doesn’t help hold conversations— which is absolutely wrong! Here are five reasons why writing is essential to learning a language.


3. 6 Valuable L&D Trends to Follow in 2019

Keeping track and staying up to date with the latest learning trends are every HR leaders’ primary goal in order to give their workforce the training they need and want. And for 2019, here are the top six L&D trends they’ve kept up with.


4. Truths and Myths of Language Learning

Learning a language can be daunting, especially when there are a number of myths floating around like “memorizing nonstop” and “one course will do.” So, we exposed and resolved language learning myths as the popular strategies used now may not be as effective as you make them out to be.


5. Professional or Perfect English: Which Matters More?

As the world of work becomes more interconnected and diverse, one question has risen: “Does perfect English matter in business?” The answer is no and here are three key reasons why.


6. The Pharmaceutical Industry Needs Language Skills — Here’s Why

With the pharmaceutical industry growing rapidly, everyone in the field needs language skills just as much as technical skills to stay globally competitive. We’ve explained why this is so in this article.


7. How English Became the World’s Most Influential Language

English may not be the most spoken language in the world, but it’s certainly the most influential! Learn how this powerful language came to be.


8. Why The Transportation Industry Needs Language Skills

Being one of our ‘language and industry’ blogs, we’ve delved more into how language skills have opened plenty of opportunities for those in the transportation and logistics industries. Read more about it in this piece.


9. The Critical Role of Language Skills in Aviation Safety and Operations

Flight staff today shouldn’t just have paramount knowledge of different aviation situations and operations, but also with an indispensable skill: language. Here’s why we think so.


10. What L&D Leaders Are Doing Wrong in Corporate Training

Even until now, a lot of training strategies and efforts are failing because they weren’t thought through. That’s why we wrote an article about it to help you and your company avoid making the same mistakes.


Be on the lookout for more

From languages all the way to Learning and Development — we’ve certainly enjoyed sharing a lot of insights and best learning practices with you in 2019. And we hope that the things you’ve learned with us have helped accelerate your company’s language learning strategy!

The best is yet to come because we have a solid line up of articles this year, encompassing an even wider range of interesting topics. So, stay tuned for those!

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